RW_grand_canyon Culture, innovation, science, creation and implementation. This combination forms the basis of this website and forms a reflection of my professional and social interests. Like everything around us, this website is constantly evolving and it will provide an overview of the different things that entertain me and that I experience.

In addition, this site my online reference. An interesting book, a good movie or a good restaurant I will add a post. This makes them easy for me to find and easy to share.
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Latest updates

Comfort zone [en] [Quotes]

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Neal Donald Walsch

Euregio Big Band site online [Misc]

A summer and autumn to get acquainted with WordPress and all its options, and a second site came to life. I renewed the website of the Euregio Big Band (in which I play the drums). The new website is easier to maintain, with options for adding new performances, news items, and the like. The contact form eases the contacting of the band for questions and requests. The following months additional enhancements will follow. So stay tuned!!

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen [Books]

– Robert Maurer –
Amazon.com: Introducing the practical and inspirational guide to incorporating Kaizen and its powerful principles into one’s daily life. Rooted in the two thousand-year-old wisdom of the Tao Te Ching–”The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”–Kaizen is the art of making great and lasting change through small, steady increments. Kaizen is the tortoise versus the hare. Kaizen is the eleven Fortune 500 companies that significantly outperformed the market through moderate, step-by-step actions. Kaizen is losing weight not by a crash diet (which more often than not crashes) but by eating one bite less at each meal–then, a month later, eating two bites less. Kaizen is starting a life-changing exercise program by standing–just standing–on a treadmill for one minute a day.

Immortals (2011) [Movies]

Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity.
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